X864 + K-radio 800 control unit 8 up to 64 zones control unit ABS box + 3.5A power supply
The control panel is equipped with 8 zones + 2 zones on the keyboard, expandable to 64 with audio support on board. the X864 central unit able to notify one or more situations of ALARM, ROBBERY, SABOTAGE and TROUBLE with different supports:

- PSTN LINE ON BOARD (voice call, Contact ID, SIA FSK, etc.)
- GSM module (voice call, SMS, ID contacts, SIA FSK, etc.)
- GPRS module (DC09 protocol IP ID contact and SIA IP)
- IP module (IP protocol DC09 ID contact and SIA IP)
The control panel can be controlled by the new AMC MANAGER App (iOS / Android) with the IP module and / or GPRS module.
Programming can be done locally with keyboard and / or PC software, local with cable and remotely via AMC Cloud.

CENTRALE D'ALARMES X864+ Clavier Kradio